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Surprising victory for Jerry Peterson, Peeples returns to form

Surprising victory for Jerry Peterson, Peeples returns to form

By Matthew J. Sullivan

After a long two week break from racing at the Acres, action got back going this past Saturday night. As always, all five local classes were on hand to provide intense racing action for north coast racing fans. Orion Mosher made things look easy in the limited street stock main event, scoring another win for the 2007 season. Craig Baker’s late pass on Nick Karanopoulos enabled him to score the win in the mini stock feature. Driving a borrowed car, Ryan Walters took the win in the real stock action. Jerry Peterson showed surprising strength, muscling past Brandon Barnwell and running away from the field in the sportsman class to win. After several weeks of being out of the winner’s circle, Paul Peeples, Jr. made his way back taking the win in the thunder roadster main event.

Orion Mosher set fast time for the limited street stock drivers with a 17.412 lap time. Robert Miller won the dash ahead of Scott Lyons, Mosher and Kenny Demello. The victory for the heat went to Mosher beating out Miller, Lyons, Demello and Stan Young. The 15 lap main event was brought to the green flag by Demello and Lyons. Demello was able to get the early lead over Mosher. Mosher worked Demello’s bumper until lap five when he was able to get by Demello for the lead. While Mosher pulled away, the best racing was between Demello, Lyons and Miller. With three laps to go, Miller got loose while trying to get by Lyons causing him to spin in turn four and allowing Young to move to the fourth position. At the checkered flag it was Mosher winning ahead of Demello, Lyons, Young and Miller.

The fast lap for the mini stock division was set by Byron McIntosh with a 19.056 lap. McIntosh took the heat win over Brian Murrell, Max Capps and Nick Karanopoulos. Craig Baker won the heat over Denzil Barrett, Karanopoulos, Murrell and McIntosh. The 15 lap main event was led to the green flag by Brian McIntosh and Karanopoulos. The early lead was held by Karanopoulos while the rest of the field jockeyed for position behind him. On lap two, Capps moved inside of Brian McIntosh to take second, bringing Byron McIntosh with him. On lap seven, Baker moved inside of Byron McIntosh for fourth. A lap later, Baker took third away from Capps. On lap 11, Baker took second from Murrell, bringing Byron McIntosh with him. With two to go, Baker pulled by Karanopoulos for the lead. While trying to fight back, going into the third turn Karanopoulos got loose and lost several positions. At the finish it was Baker winning ahead of Brian McIntosh, Murrell, Capps and Karanopoulos.

Former limited street stock ace Shawn Craig returned to racing at the Acres in the real stocks and took quick time with a 19.239 lap. Steve Kimberling won the dash followed by Ryan Peeples, Bill Middleton and Craig. Craig won the first head ahead of Ryan Walters, Kimberling, Jim Redd and Bob Lima. Just after crossing the finish line, Walters and Kimberling tangled with Walters receiving the worst of the damage. The official ruling was that Kimberling would be parked for the evening for whatever part he played in the incident. The second heat was taken by Doug Way ahead of Middleton, Peeples, Ray Robinson and Ray DeMello.

Nick Green and DeMello led the 15 car field to the green of the 25 lap feature event. Green took the initial lead before Redd took over to lead the first lap. On lap two, Bob Lima and Peeples made contact sending Peeples for a spin between the third and fourth turns bringing out the yellow flag. After the restart, the race went green for three more laps before Marvin Savage spun collecting Chuck Essex and Green bringing out the second yellow flag of the race. By this time, Redd held the lead over Troy Wood, Way, Lima and Walters who was driving the car Craig was driving earlier in the evening. After several more laps of green flag running, the yellow came out once more when Lima and Walters made contact, shearing off Walters’ front bumper and throwing it on the front straightaway.

After the restart, Way made his way by Wood on the twelfth lap. The next lap, Lima and Walters maneuvered their way by Wood to take third and fourth. On lap 17, Essex spun in turn four but got back going. At the same time, Way moved outside and by Redd for the lead. Walters moved by Redd a lap later to take the second position. Middleton, Lima and Redd went three wide going into turn one on lap 19. Unfortunately, Middleton spun bringing out the yellow. On the final restart, Walters got the jump on Way and made his way by. Lima looked outside of Wood on lap 22 but got loose allowing Essex and Middleton to pass. With two laps left, Middleton got loose in turn three allowing Lima to take fifth. At the line though it was Walters notching the victory ahead of Way, Wood, Essex and Lima.

Brandon Barnwell took fast time in the sportsman division with a 16.564 lap. Rick Fox won the dash over Aaron Byers, Lissa Uselton and Barnwell. Byers took the head victory over Angelo Marcelli, Fox, Barnwell and Uselton. Joe Bonomini and Marcelli led the field to the green in the 30 lap main event. For the first five laps, the first three rows dueled side by side in a clean battle. Finally on the sixth lap, Bonomini was able to gain the advantage and take the lead bringing Fox into the second spot. On lap seven, Fox and Bonomini tangled sending Bonomini spinning. Under the caution flag, Fox was relegated to the rear of the field giving Byers the lead over Uselton, Barnwell and Jerry Peterson.

On the restart, Barnwell got by Uselton for second. Peterson moved to Uselton’s outside and took third a lap later. On lap 11, Bonomini spun in the fourth turn ending his evening. The restart came once more with Barnwell and Peterson on Byers’ tail. On lap 13, Fox moved inside of Uselton completing the pass the next lap. On lap 16, Byers grazed the back stretch wall but was able to continue with minimal damage. On lap 17, Larry Pries spun in turn two bringing out another yellow flag. Barnwell took advantage of Byers on the restart and took the lead, bringing Peterson and Fox with him. While trying to follow Fox, Uselton spun trying to avoid hitting Byers. She lost several spots but got her car going again.

On lap 21, Peterson rocketed his way past Barnwell to take the lead. The next lap off turn two, Barnwell and Fox had contact sending Barnwell into a spin. He kept going though and there wasn’t a yellow flag. The field stretched out until lap 27 when Pries spun again. In the last few laps, Fox tried to find a line by Peterson but Peterson was just too strong on this night as he was able to take the win ahead of Fox, Byers, Marcelli and Barnwell.

Paul Peeples, Jr. set quick time for the thunder roadster division with a 16.981 lap time. Leroy Marsh, Jr. won the dash over Peeples, Chris Banfill and David Henderson who pulled his car into the pits suffering with problems. Henderson borrowed Ron Rosenthal’s car to complete the night’s events. Fred Hanks won the first head ahead of Donn Cole, Troy Combs, Bill Bradbury and Bruce Ziemer. Peeples won the second head over Chris Banfill, Henderson, Ray Elliott and Bill O’Neill. Unfortunately, Jay Bahner wrecked in the heat forcing him to miss the start of the roadster main event.

Combs and Gerhy Foster lead the 19 car field to the green of the 35 lap feature event. Combs took the lead from the start. Banfill moved to second quickly taking the spot from Foster. On lap three, Elliott took third from Foster. The fourth lap, Bradbury spun off the fourth turn collecting Chris Sarvinski and Hanks bringing out the yellow flag. On the restart, Peeples moved outside and by Marsh. On lap seven, Peeples moved into fourth passing Foster for the position. Banfill looked inside of Combs for the lead on lap eight, but Combs shut the door. The front four of Combs, Banfill, Elliott and Peeples pulled away from the rest of the field before lap 20 when Elliott spun in turn four bringing out the yellow flag.

On the restart it was Combs leading Banfill, Peeples, Marsh and Henderson. Peeples got a great start on Banfill and made the pass. On lap 22, Peeples moved by Combs to take the lead. The next lap, Henderson took fourth away from Marsh. On lap 25, Henderson moved inside of Banfill and finished the pass the next lap. Marsh was able to follow in Henderson’s wake to take fourth from Banfill. On lap 27, Banfill moved back by Marsh. While Peeples held a comfortable lead over Combs, Banfill and Marsh continued their duel for fourth before lap 32 when Marsh moved by Banfill to take the lead. Up front though, it was Peeples winning over Combs, Henderson, Marsh and Banfill.

Drivers and teams have a quick week to get prepared for another race this coming weekend. It should be another special event with some added excitement as it will be Fan Appreciation Night at the Acres. Joining the five local classes will be Powderpuff races. There’s little doubt that there will be a packed house ready to see the same kind of intense excitement that the 2007 season at the Acres has produced.

Limited Street Stocks
Fast Time Orion Mosher 17.412
Dash: Robert Miller, Scott Lyons, Mosher, Kenny Demello
Heat: Mosher, Miller, Lyons, Demello, Stan Young, Duane Mayo
Main: Mosher, Demello, Lyons, Young, Miller, Romeo Venza

Mini Stocks
Fast Time Byron McIntosh 19.056
Dash: By. McIntosh, Brian Murrell, Max Capps, Nick Karanopoulos
Heat: Craig Baker, Denzil Barrett, Karanopoulos, Murrell, By. McIntosh, Capps, Brian McIntosh
Main: Baker, By. McIntosh, Murrell, Capps, Karanopoulos, Br. McIntosh, Barrett

Real Stocks
Fast Time Shawn Craig 19.239
Dash: Steve Kimberling, Ryan Peeples, Bill Middleton, Craig
Heat 1: Craig, Ryan Walters, Kimberling, Jim Redd, Bob Lima, Chuck Essex, Nick Green, Mark Mullan, Dana DeVane
Heat 2: Doug Way, Middleton, Peeples, Ray Robinson, Ray DeMello, Troy Wood, Marvin Savage, Ryan Robinson
Main: Walters, Way, Wood, Essex, Lima, Middleton, Savage, DeMello, Ra. Robinson, Green, Mullan, DeVane, Redd, Peeples, Ry. Robinson

Fast Time Brandon Barnwell 16.564
Dash: Rick Fox, Aaron Byers, Lissa Uselton, Barnwell
Heat: Byers, Angelo Marcelli, Fox, Barnwell, Uselton, Joe Bonomini, Jerry Peterson, Larry Pries, Romeo Venza
Main: Peterson, Fox, Byers, Marcelli, Barnwell, Uselton, Venza, Pries, Bonomini

Thunder Roadsters
Fast Time Paul Peeples, Jr. 16.981
Dash: Leroy Marsh, Jr., Peeples, Chris Banfill, David Henderson
Heat 1: Fred Hanks, Donn Cole, Troy Combs, Bruce Ziemer, Bill Bradbury, Rob Nelson, Chris Sarvinski, Mike Ward, Belinda Ward, Gary Payne
Heat 2: Peeples, Banfill, Henderson, Ray Elliott, Bill O’Neill, Gehry Foster, Chris Lawrence, Mark Baldwin, Marsh, Jay Bahner
Main: Peeples, Combs, Henderson, Marsh, Banfill, Foster, M. Ward, Lawrence, O’Neill, Ziemer, Baldwin, McMurray, Elliott, Hanks, Nelson, B. Ward, Bahner, Bradbury, Sarvinski, Cole.

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