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Redwood Acres Raceway points update

Redwood Acres Raceway points update

By Matthew J. Sullivan

There are only three races left in the 2009 season for the drivers in the five divisions at Redwood Acres Raceway. In the case of the limited street stock, mini stock and sportsman divisions, there are only two points paying events left. The next one is tomorrow Saturday August 29th, Fan Appreciation Night at Redwood Acres Raceway.

The closest points battles are in the limited street stock and mini stock divisions. After last Saturday evening’s events, Scott Baker was able to break a tie with his brother Craig and now leads him by six points. Though the margin between limited street stock drivers Kenny Demello and Fergy Ferguson is a mere eight points, unless the division is able to add a few cars in the next two events, it’s unlikely that Ferguson will be able to overtake Demello. Charlie Anderson was able to take the points lead from Nick Bundy in the roadrunner division and holds a 24 point margin over Bundy in second place. Though not having won a main event during this year, Anderson had finished strong in nearly all the events while Bundy, the early season dominator has been unable to make several of the races as of late.

Ryan Walters has a 62 point margin over Casey Mitchell in the real stock division. Though Mitchell has been a strong competitor in the class this season, it’s Walters’ race to lose at this point. David Henderson has been a top 5 finisher in all but one main event in the thunder roadster class this season. It’s a testament to Robert Miller that Henderson’s lead is 60 points in sight, but it would take a disaster for the track championship not to be Henderson’s at this point. The same holds true for the sportsman division as Dennis DelBiaggio holds a 62 point lead ahead of Angelo Marcelli. All DelBiaggio has to do is stay on track for the final two events and the 2009 sportsman division track championship is his.

Again, racing at Redwood Acres Raceway will be tomorrow night, August 29th. The next two scheduled events are September 12th, the Judy Fox Memorial race and September 25th and 26th, the Fall Spectacular featuring a 100-lap late model main event. Further details for the Fall Spectacular are still being laid out and will be made available very soon.

2009 Redwood Acres Raceway Points Standings (after August 22nd)

Limited Street Stocks
Track Record: Trevor Miller 17.143
Kenny Demello 377, Fergy Ferguson 369, Stan Young 331, Bill Middleton 98

Real Stocks
Track Record: Shawn Craig 18.763
Ryan Walters 805, Casey Mitchell 743, Pat Conway 707, Jim Redd 689, Dustin Walters 596, Ryan/Russell Robinson 571, Roger Linn, Jr. 526, Nick Green 520, Doug Way 301, Don Hyman 217, Bob Lima 57, Jim Bailey 11

Mini Stocks
Track Record: Craig Baker 18.597
Scott Baker 777, Craig Baker 770, Brian McIntosh 743, Steve Smith 666, Brian Murrell, Jr. 520, Len Bowman/Jesse Chown 391, Brian Murrell, Sr. 130, Nick Karanopoulos 117, Mike Weekly 111, Norm Carmichael 100, Denzil Barrett 59

Track Record: Wyatt Roach 21.634
Charlie Anderson 603, Nick Bundy 579, Dillon/Carrie Cook 569, Jimmy Murray 569, Dustin DelBiaggio 548, Track Car 532, Oscar Koskinen III 391, Bill Snow 324, Wyatt Roach 271, Raleigh Willoughby 265, Eric Mendes 236, Aaron Sandifer 159, Eric Rice 153, Nick Hansen 53, Dax Kinsey 51, Robbie Nelson 11

Thunder Roadsters
Track Record: Paul Peeples, Jr. 16.839
Dave Henderson 796, Robert Miller 736, Thomas Payne 700, Mike Ward 666, Bruce Ziemer 563, Paul Peeples, Jr. 540, Chris Sarvinski 529, Rob Nelson 508, Belinda Ward 492, Mark Arroyo 462, Jay Bahner 442, Dan Browne 424, Jim Rich 386, Dave McMurray 274, Brandon Barnwell 209, Randy Olson 209, Shane Toole 160, Chris Banfill 141, Mic Moulton 92, Donn Cole 59, Mark Baldwin 48, Ray Elliott 43, Doug Pulver 43, Al Olson 38, Bill Bradbury 19, Rick Crawley, Jr. 12

Track Record: Shawn Andrews 15.794
Dennis DelBiaggio 795, Angelo Marcelli 733, Jerry Peterson 682, Larry Pries 648, Brandon Barnwell 444, Joe McDonald 330, Aaron Byers 297, Frank Billy, Jr. 269, Lissa Uselton 236, Kavin Conn 217, Shawn Craig 209, Kenny Demello 157, Al Acuna 149, Jim Walker 134, Ken Hallis 108.

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